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Aims of Leeds Art Map

The overall aim of the Leeds Art Map is to bring together as much information about the cultural events in Leeds and present them using a simple, easy-to-access interface. We want to be the first port of call for anyone wanting to find out what’s going on in Leeds. Our specific aims for the platform we are developing fall under 3 catergories:


First and foremost, the greater the amount of engagement between the service and the online community the more effective it will be. We aim to encourage the sharing of information and knowledge between institutions, bloggers, writers and critics, effectively building up a passive collaboration covering all aspects of art in Leeds. The more we manage to do this, the more the people and institutions will be motivated to share their offerings more systematically, to the benefit of all involved.
And the most important form of engagement will be with the public, we aim to make the cultural scene in Leeds more accessible to people who may lack the time or knowledge to access the information.

Open Information

We want to provide a democratic open space, to concisely share information from various public sources through a single platform. We can then direct visitors to the relevant websites, and even gather up the most pertinent resources and debates surrounding the topic of Art in Leeds. As a result of this effort, we will effectively be presenting the cultural events of the city on a national and international platform.

Extendable and Transferable Model

Our website will be a powerful tool for mapping complex information, and we can see how our methods could be extended to fulfil more niche purposes, or transferred to other regions. While we build the platform, we will be considering the best ways to enable the greatest flexibility for possible future applications this will include using as many free and open technologies as possible.

About Us


Danny is a PhD student in the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. He did his undergraduate degree in Human Geography through Leeds Metropolitan University, writing his dissertation on the geographies of art in Leeds. His research interests lie within the intersection between art and geographical theory, particularly the potential of aesthetic experience. His PhD project engages with the politics of identity through an understanding of artistic practices as technologies of connection.


Tom is a web designer / developer, he has a background in public sector communications in Leeds, and currently works as a trainer and multimedia specialist working with schools across Manchester, while operating a freelance graphic design business at tdaveydesign.co.uk.


All the information that we gather and display is available elsewhere, we are merely consolidating it to make it easier to digest, based on the needs of the user. In the case of exhibitions or events being held independently, we will take care to gain specific consent from the people involved before information goes online.

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