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An Art Map for your Area?
An Art Map for your Institution?

We’re all about access to information, and if you’re interested in setting up something similar then please get in touch.

Using our model for your area

If you think your local area could benefit from an art map, we are more than happy to consult with you, give you advice, and generally show you how we managed to set up our site.

It’s always been an aim of ours to produce something of value to others, and to that end our solution is cheap to set up and simple to maintain. Between us we have enough experience in consultancy, project planning, and web development to help you get something together.

Leeds-based institutions, events, and organisations

We see our platform as a nice interface for sharing information, itineraries, or anything you can put on a map. If you’re in the Leeds area get in touch to find out about our partitioning service. We could offer a private section of the site, or a publicly accessible partition.

Imagine being able to send your potential audience to so that they can use an interface like ours to access exactly the information you want them to.

This could be a great second platform for multi-location arts festivals, a way for students to share inspiration, or even for institutions like Universities to share information to their students.

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